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Fiber Lasers

Fiber lasers work great on just about any metal. They quickly and permanently mark or etch amazing designs on firearms, tools, metal parts, and jewelry as well as industrial applications like engraving bar codes and serial numbers.

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Desktop Fiber Galvo LaserS

  • Perfect form factor to fit on just about any desktop, workbench, or car hood.
  • Available with 20W to 70W Emitter Power Ranges
  • Every Fiber Laser Includes Free Protective UV Glasses
  • FREE 80mm Rotary Attachment Included
  • Full 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
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CO2 Lasers

CO2 Laser Cutter/Engravers are extremely useful for basically anything. Anything made from trees (wood, paper, cardboard), plastics, leather, and rubber can be cut and etched easily. With enough power, they can also cut and etch metals…

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Desktop CO2 Lasers

  • Can fit in your workshop, living room, attic, or your neighbor’s shed
  • Available with tube sizes ranging from 60W to 150W
  • RF CO2 Upgrade Available
  • Solid Construction with Helical Racks not belts
  • Full 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
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  • Available in sizes up to 6ft x 10ft
  • Available with tube sizes ranging from 60W to 150W
  • Dual Laser Tube & RF CO2 Emitter Upgrades Available
  • Heavy Duty Frame with Helical Racks not belts, robust lockable casters, and sturdy material bed
  • Full 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty