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Narwhal Precision is your complete solution for all things CNC and laser. We produce CNC CO2 laser cutters/engravers, CNC routers, CNC plasma cutter, CNC waterjet, fiber lasers, and supporting machinery.

The Narwhal Difference

What Sets Narwhal Precision Apart?

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We wanted to change the game when it came to these machines. We want to provide our clients with a way to jump into the CNC world or expand their business without breaking the bank.

Simple Manufacturing

Our machines are built simply to reduce your costs, improve reliability, and make maintenance simple.

Client Driven Design

Whether you need 2 tubes, a bigger table, or any other custom feature; we can build your dream machine!

One-On-One Support

Each machine we sell includes one-on-one support, Parts & Labor Warranty, and Tube Warranty

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Every machine we sell is designed, manufactured, assembled and quality checked in our shop in Tennessee.

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Our Featured Machine

20 - 70 Watt Desktop Fiber Laser with Adjustable Galvo Head

Our desktop fiber laser is perfect for both beginner and seasoned laser users. If you need to create depth (etching or engraving) onto hard metals or if you need a high-power system with a small workspace to provide maximum clarity then Narwhal Precision’s Fiber Laser is ideal! With power levels ranging from 20-70 watts, our Desktop Fiber Laser is virtually maintenance free and comes with Narwhal’s Second-to-None Customer Service.

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Expand Your Business, Create Amazing Things, Make People Happy

Our machines give you the opportunity to get started in the CNC or laser world without having to mortgage your home. We can get you started with a machine that is priced lower, better quality, and comes with support that is second to none. Check out our social media to see some of our latest projects, see what’s going on in the Narwhal shop, or contact us.